April 26, 2023

McMaster-Carr, and Thoughts on Good Design

McMaster-Carr, and Thoughts on Good Design

If one is to point an exemplary piece of a website, it is easy to cite the Apples, Linears or the Stripes of the world. Earlier this year,

Me on the hunt, shot by @milkovic

I used to think a good photograph ends the moment you press the shutter. The book taught me it’s just the beginning. It starts conversations, evokes reactions, sits in your memory, pokes at your thoughts.

Will everyone see what I see? Probably not. And that’s fine. I offer my perspective; you bring yours. My urge to impress is gradually fading. I used to think materials were subjects. Then as I matured, it was the light. Now I wonder, it had always been me.

All good things end.