August 15, 2023

A Year at CCA

A Year at CCA

My experience at CCA was like sipping a coffee pour—first the burst of flavor, then the undertones. I expected to dig into novel interaction design concepts. That happened, sure. But the nuance came in unexpected places, like working with a diverse group of people.

For me, the learning spilled into late-night zoom sessions, the Hybrid Lab experiments, the quiet library hours and my unplanned photo-walks. I was surrounded by artists of all sorts. Some conversations felt like jazz sessions, others like a game of chess. All left an impression.

Being surrounded by creative, ambitious people and their work

Graduate-level design evoked more retrospection. I found myself questioning the ‘why’ behind every ‘how.’ I *understood* the value of restraints over innovation. I found elegance in leaving out things, than mindlessly adding them.

My mentors didn’t preach; they guided. Their words were encouraging detours for thought. Sometimes that resonated instantly. At other times, the novelty hit me days later, like a delayed punchline to a joke.

I designed with people of all personality types. Every project, presentation or a workshop, led me to collaborate better. Sure, some ventures were dead-ends, some thoughts incomplete. But isn't that the thrill of exploration? In fact, that made my journey worthwhile.

As the year wrapped up, I feel like a different person. It excites me to learn that there is much further to go. The coffee’s complexity has settled on my palate, and I appreciate every note. The future remains uncertain, but the year flipped my life for good, and I feel more grateful than I ever.

All good things end.