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Demcare is an all-in-one application that proposes accessible caregiving for caregivers of dementia patients.

Demcare is an all-in-one application that proposes accessible caregiving for caregivers of dementia patients.

The idea of this service sprung as I was collaborating with a healthcare facility for a project. With 50 million people suffering from dementia each year and 66% people receiving no formal treatment, the need for an accessible resource seemed imminent.

Insights and opportunity

What does it really mean to design for healthcare? What really matters to a suffering person? With an urge to empathize deeply, I started exploring literature on caregiving. The magnitude of the problem must be matched with right interventions that can be safely deployed at scale.

Literature study of dementia caregiving and general healthcare

Although more prevalent among older adults, a common misconception is that dementia is directly correlated to age. Research suggests that early intervention can vastly improve quality of life. The lack of awareness can be countered with leveraging technology in caregiving.

Learnings from ground research and anecdotal observation

The market is riddled with solutions that are very feature limited. Many services are not directly catered towards dementia care. Apart from dysfunctional interfaces, most apps host information that are outdated and poorly presented.

Analysis of solutions in the market

In an attempt to organize key information and to enable free access I target three end users— families, caretakers, and specialists. My ambition was to free caretakers from the shackles of monetary and mental stress. I aimed for individual freedom.

Target users and value proposition based on order of importance

With that modest goal in mind, I introduce Demcare, a one-stop solution for accessible dementia caregiving. It hosts six features:

  1. Log, manage and set reminders for medications.

  2. Stream custom videos, live clips and simulate outdoor spaces.

  3. Add, save and access close contacts to connect with people who matter.

  4. Relive precious memories with photos, audio clips and short videos.

  5. Articles, podcasts and other up-to-date resources on efficient caregiving.

  6. Personal profiles and access to volunteer experts for additional help.

All good things end.